As Resume Writers, We're a Unique Bunch

When you were little, I bet you didn't say, "I want to be a resume writer when I grow up."

It likely wasn't a highly popular career field as you pondered the various jobs available to you. In some ways, this has helped many resume writers thrive because competition hasn't soared and created a feeding frenzy that we oftentimes see in other industries.

Are we a hodgepodge of misfits?

Yeah, maybe.

When you look deep into the resume writing industry, you find a mix of professionals from all walks of life. Some have Juris Doctorate, master's, and bachelor's degrees, while others barely completed high school.

How cool is that?

What makes the resume writing industry such an anomaly is that it's made up of individuals who are highly compassionate about what they do and who they help.

This is the equalizer in this industry.

It doesn't matter what level of education or career field you come from as long as you bring passion and drive to succeed.

But, wait a minute...

There's a lot you may be struggling with as you navigate your resume writing business. This is true regardless of whether you're new or have been operating your business for years.

For example, you may be spinning your wheels, hoping to get all your sales, project management, and writing cogs aligned, so you get your business to the profitability and success level that you want and need.

You may have specific challenges to overcome too. 

Maybe you're insecure about your resume writing skills - or still growing as a resume writer. 

Or, maybe you're struggling with closing clients ... or, not closing enough of them. 

Or, maybe you're tired of having to learn and do everything from scratch - feeling like you're 100, 500, or 1,000 steps behind everyone else. Building a resume business can get complicated when you don't have the support and guidance, making even the smallest tasks FEEL HUGE.

Our goal is to help you pivot, and here's how...

As a member, you get the resources needed for faster results without a sharp and painful learning curve slowing you down and holding your business back. To learn more, below you'll find an overview of member benefits, tools, and resources you'll gain access to when you join.

There's My Pumpkin!

Hey there, my name is Teena Rose. When I started my resume writing business in 1999, I realized without the right resources, starting ANY new business can be a challenge.

Plus, I'd never been on the ground floor of a start-up or been a part of the challenges that managing a start-up would bring. I didn't know the first thing about sales, accounting, customer service, or writing resumes. I was completely green.

Sadly, there wasn't much "out there" to help me either. There was a dated book by Jan Melnik at my local library ... but that was it!

Thankfully, I made a TON OF MISTAKES during my first years in business. This statement might surprise you. However, I'm a firm believer in what Nelson Mandela was quoted as saying: "I either win or I learn." Well, I did a lot of learning in the beginning.

For example, in the first year, I missed the cutoff for yellow page advertising by about a month. In 1999, not having a YP ad was a big deal. Resume writing businesses at that time "lived or died" in part by their yellow page ads. Today, that's equivalent to going AN ENTIRE YEAR without a website or a business phone. 🙂

You Benefit From My Mistakes & Experiences

One of the best things I ever did was log my business journey. I documented what worked, what didn't, and the resources I used.

Eventually, recognizing that others might want to run a resume writing business, I wrote my first book on starting a resume writing business in 2001.

Since then, I published 3 more editions. Each new book edition received praise from fellow resume writers in the industry. For example:

“When I decided to start [a resume writing business] ... I searched the Internet high and low for an up-to-date guide on how to break into this industry and remain competitive. I found all my answers in this book. The experience and knowledge she shares is invaluable. Thank you, Teena! You rock!” —Melanie Denny,

"I didn't realize when I purchased your book what amazing value I was getting for the money because I literally couldn't have done this without the information and expertise in the book. I wouldn't have had a clue." —Lorraine Wright, 21st Century Resumes

This site is that book on steroids because it offers an extensive library of resources, tools, examples, shortcuts, and customized how-to advice to make the start and manage your business, get clients, optimize your website, write better resumes, and so on.

For example, members enjoy many great perks including:

  • Shortcuts & Strategies So You Launch Faster 
  • Make More Profit With Optimal Resume Pricing Strategies
  • Tools to Excel Your Resume Writing Business
  • Done-For-You Content; e.g., Client Contract & Business Plan Example
  • Resume Examples — and some cover letters too!
  • Content 4Your Clients; e.g., Resume Questionnaires & an Achievements Cheat Sheet to Speed The Client Intake Process

Increased Sales & List-Building Activities

"ResumeBiz has been a valuable resource in a number of areas of my resume business. From marketing and sales to organizational assets. Using the marketing tools, I have increased my sales and streamlined my list-building endeavors. The improved organization has brought consistency to my processes. In addition, Teena has been there with tips and follow-up emails when needed. If you want to scale or even start your professional resume writing business, I recommend partnering with ResumeBiz." — Skipper Stevens

It's Time for a Business Shift & Here's WHY

We help fellow resume writers across 4 key areas:


Do you want to get married? Unfortunately, this is where too many resume writers start their sales cycle. They drive prospects right to the "buy now" (let's get married) pages of their website without warming up (dating) their prospects first.

We'll show you how to see your prospects and clients differently and help unlock your resume business's profit potential. 


Would you like to write resumes faster, more effectively, and with greater ease?

We provide the tools and support needed to upskill your resume writing. We help get your creative juices flowing as you tell each client's career story.

Boost your resume writing skills with the many tools and done-for-you resources provided to members. 


Ferreting out and resolving inefficiencies can improve your business in so many ways. You can increase sales productivity, find "new hours" in the day, and get those "big rocks" (projects) finished.

We help you avoid those time-sucks that keep you busy, yet keep you unproductive and inefficient too.


Building a tight-knit community of resume writers has always been our focus. We're a unique bunch - and with our unique challenges, we need the resources, tools, and advice customized to those like us who write job-search collateral (e.g., resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and bios) for clients.

Become a member and learn why there's strength in numbers.

Is ResumeBIZ For You?

We help resume writers unleash their potential, say ba-bye to self-doubts, and power up their businesses. It doesn't matter if you're a new business or have been around for many years. We can help regardless of where you are in your writing and business journey.


Received More Than Expected

"RBIZ has been a wonderful source for my resume and career coaching needs. Throughout my time as a member, I’ve used these sources and RBIZ assistance to enhance my resume writing and skills. The mentorship I’ve received has been beyond what I’ve expected. I’m thankful for coming across this membership as it’s been an asset to my career." Melissa Carvalho

Member Benefits, Tools & Resources

Business Coaching

Get up to 2 hours of individual coaching each month conducted via email. Yup! You get the one-on-one attention needed to 10X your resume business.

Valued at $300 Included with Membership

Intro to
Resume Writing

We provide you with insider tips and tools to help you write resumes faster and more efficiently. Plus, we also offer the RCD, which is a game-changer for resume writers!

Valued at $1,500+ Included with Membership


We know you don't have time to do everything. That's why we have a growing library of done-for-you resources that you can download and use in your business.

Valued at $1,000+ Included with Membership

Expert Articles
& Resources

Condensed and advanced how-to articles and resources that are specifically written for resume writers. We provide you with advice that works for resume writers.

Valued at $2,000+ Included with Membership

Sales &

To grow your resume business faster and more successfully we provide you with customized sales and marketing strategies. We share with you the easiest ways to get clients.

Valued at $795 Included with Membership

Facebook Group

As a member, you are invited to join the private Facebook group that gives you instant access to a pool of colleagues to ask questions and get sage advice.

High-Value Support Included with Membership

Additional member benefits include written-for-you, copyright-free resume content, best practices for business start-up, what you need to know about resume writing certifications and organizations, 70+ colleague interviews, WordPress and plug-in training, and sample resumes/cover letters.

Get access to a growing list of downloads, videos, and done-for-you resources. Plus, active RBIZ members get monthly business coaching and resume writing tips/support.


Each month, we deliver actionable, insightful, and "needle-moving" solutions to drive your revenue and profits.

These benefits are worth a nominal $38 per month, right?

What are you waiting for? Join us. We'll see you on the other side.

Join today for only $38/mth. Cancel anytime. No contract.

What Members Say About Us

An Indispensable Resource

"In my opinion, RBIZ is indispensable whether you're just starting out or been in business for several years. It has everything you would need to start and run your resume writing business - tips on smart marketing, banking, dealing with customers (even the toxic ones), etc. It also has classes you can take to gain or sharpen key skills. Pretty much everything you need is right there at your fingertips. It's well worth the moderate monthly fee, which is actually an investment with great returns."

— Gail Martin

Jump in Sales

"Wanted to let you know, I just made another sale. That's two sales in one day from LinkedIn using the selling tips/personality article you wrote. It truly works!"

— Amanda Bryant

Great Resource & Best Investment

"RBIZ is a one-stop shop for everything I need to know to get started in my resume writing business. It is a great resource and very affordable. Teena Rose, Founder, is such a great help. I have reached out to her several times and she responds to my questions the same day...usually within a few hours. This is the best investment that I could make for my future."

— Brenda Neal