5 Free Downloads to Help Your Resume Business


When starting out, especially when we’re running a bootstrap operation, knowing a little about a lot is a mandatory set of skills needed for survival.

Actually, are we human Swiss Army Knives? Small business owners seem to be able to do a lot, am I right?

We generally have more time than we have cash to spend on building and growing our websites, planning customer service strategies, lead generation, and so on. Utilizing online resources, specifically free downloads, can help give you that “quick education” on various topics without spending a dime. That’s affordable, right?

One of my favorites has always been Website Magazine. What might surprise you is that the publisher still produces a print magazine, which is mailed to you — for free! Yup … that’s why I recommend the magazine so highly because it’s generally 30+ pages packed filled with how-to advice, resources, upcoming strategies, mobile marketing, and even spots you a cup of tea while you read (I may be wrong on that last one =]).

Here is my list of resources to help you grow your resume business:

5 Free Downloads to Help Your Resume Business

1. Website Magazine: Subscriptions include four quarterly issues, plus Web Success Update, daily newsletters with how-to tips and technology news, and the Web100 special issue via email. Issues are available in print, digital, smartphone, and iPad editions. Qualified subscribers also receive a complimentary subscription to Web Success Update by email, which includes daily newsletter editions and product and service bulletins. You can unsubscribe from Web Success Update anytime.

2.  42 Rules of Marketing: The ’42 Rules of Marketing’ is a compilation of ideas, theories, and practical approaches to marketing challenges the author has been collecting over the past 17 years. The idea was to create a series of helpful reminders; things that marketers know they should do, but don’t always have the time or patience to do.

3. The Sales Magnet: Lead generation is hard. If you’re in marketing, you’re expected to generate new leads for sales people, but there is constant competition for prospects’ attention. You’re running nurturing campaigns, but not getting the results you need. The Sales Magnet will show you how you can use prospect attraction to fill your sales pipeline to overflowing!

4. Extraordinary Customer Service: What your customers think about your company is often a result of their experience when they contact you. Whether or not they remain customers is often a result of the quality of service you provide. Extraordinary Customer Service explores the contact center as a strategic part of your enterprise—where you can leverage differentiated services to provide a superior customer experience that can build brand loyalty and increase profits. Presented here are the best practices, trends, and innovations that can help empower your people to be more productive, your processes to be more intelligent, and your customers to be more satisfied.

5. 12 SEO Campaign Killers: Learn how to avoid some critical mistakes marketers make when rolling out search engine optimization strategies. “12 SEO Campaign Killers” puts the tough work of SEO in perspective, covering everything from keyword performance expectations to understanding the value of social media websites. Other critical topics include: training,thinking holistically,ROI considerations,ranking analysis,and what link bait really means.


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